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Surveillance Documents CT Woman Working While on Comp, Charged with Fraud and Larceny

According to Insurance Journal, Ann Marie Barros of Wallingford, Connecticut has officially been arrested and charged with workers’ compensation fraud to include one count of fraudulent claim or receipt of benefits and one count of larceny in the first degree by defrauding a public community this past week.

Ms. Barros was employed as a teacher with the City of Bristol Board of Education when she allegedly sustained head, neck, and back injuries during an attempt to break up a physical altercation between two students in February 2019.

Insurance Journal states that, “Barros was placed on temporary total disability (TTD) and began receiving TTD benefits from her employer through FutureComp. TTD benefits are wage replacement monies for those who qualify under the program. During that period of benefits, the recipient is considered to have zero work capacity and must inform their employer of any improvements in their injuries. They also are required to report any income beyond the benefits provided.”

However, while out on leave and receiving a total of $59,608.82 in workers’ compensation benefits, Barros was in fact “gainfully employed as a real estate agent,” as detailed by surveillance and additional documentation.

Barros was scheduled for her first appearance in court yesterday, September 30, 2021.

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