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Summer in Full Swing: Maximize Investigative Efforts with Internet Profile Reports and Surveillance

Summer is here. All things considered, it appears that we are back to "normal." We're officially in the thick of it. Now is the time to maximize investigative efforts with Internet Profile Reports and scheduling surveillance. We anticipate activity now more than ever in the next couple of months after a long and grueling past two years.

A follow up to the Fourth of July holiday will be beneficial, Labor Day weekend is coming, vacation travel is at a high, and there are countless celebrations and parties for graduations, holidays, birthdays, BBQ's, etc. This is prime time for ICU’s Surveillance Investigators to document fraudulent claims, and for our Internal Analytical Investigators to document all social media activity that accompanies it. Utilizing our Internet Profile Reports to monitor social media accounts prior to surveillance provides us with countless leads, and continuous monitoring with our IPR 365 Social Media Monitoring can document your claimant's activities all summer long (and longer).

Furthermore, we know that claimants are not the only people taking time to go on vacation. So are you! Schedule your Internet Profile Reports and Surveillance before your vacation, relax, and we’ll have your results by the time you get back!

Suspicious? Get Answers TODAY!

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