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  • Dean Smith

Sting Operation Seizes NJ Public Adjuster Before a Hit to NJM

According to Ed Beeson of The Star-Ledger, Joseph Shammah, a public adjuster out of West Long Branch, New Jersey, has been indicted on second-degree insurance fraud among other charges this past April. Shammah was a public adjuster, licensed by the state of New Jersey and hired by consumers to assist in settling insurance claims for higher payouts, with an average of 10 percent of the settlement money being paid to the adjuster. Shammah was caught red handed during a sting operation geared to expose fraud committed by public adjusters.

“Operation Home Makeover” exposed Shammah after he visited one of the homes utilized in the sting operation. He filed false statements about damage to the home for the purpose of collecting over $15,000 from New Jersey Manufacturers.

“It is not unusual for a person caught in a sting to not know they are facing charges until after they have been indicted,” said Peter Aseltine, Attorney General’s Office spokesman. And since Shammah was not arrested during the sting between April and August of 2012, he was pleasantly surprised (but declined comment) when he was approached by The Star-Ledger. Shammah is facing up to ten years in state prison.

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