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  • Dean Smith

Social Media is the Digital Footprint to Fraud Investigations

We have become quite efficient at finding the digital footprints and trails left by fraudsters on their social media accounts. Internet Profile Reports have become an integral part of ICU Investigations’ success in keeping up with the ever-changing world of technology and investigations. It is hard to imagine that just about 5 years ago, we weren’t able to connect the dots in the ways we are able to today!

Thankfully, as social media becomes more advanced, so do the tools, tactics, discovery methods, and data. We have social media (and of course, the claimants’ knack for oversharing) to thank for date and time stamps, geo-locations, photo documentation, status updates, check-ins, location-based social media monitoring tools among hundreds of other tools and details that we can use to put the puzzle pieces together.

During social media data collection, we take pride in the fact that we hold ourselves to the highest of ethical standards. It is important to recognize that the ethics and legality of e-discovery are always changing with the technology itself, and it must be noted that the ICU staff is proactive in their research to avoid any conflicts that could arise in the future.

Most importantly, courts are utilizing social media evidence more than ever, and ICU Investigations will continue to provide you with the evidence that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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