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  • Dean Smith

Social Media Fraud Scams Affect Large Demographic Audience

According to an article on, scams are popping up all over social media sites like Facebook, Vine, Pinterest, etc., for the purpose of putting your information on a list that is then sold for money. Innocent people are getting sucked into “Like-Farming Scams,” which entices people to “like” a page to win a “prize.”

Like-farmers use the pretext of winning a prize by liking their page to increase the value of the page itself, and social media outlets are prime territory to gain access to a large demographic audience. The information obtained from your social media page is then collected and added to a list that opens up the door for new scammers to market products and services in the hopes of victimizing its followers. More likes = more money.

This does not mean that reputable businesses promoting contests and prizes are deemed illegitimate. But to steer clear of a like-farming scam, recommends you follow these guidelines:

Do the math

If it sounds absurd, it is absurd

Check for terms and conditions

Check for the date the page was made

Pay attention to the pages you “like”; make sure they appear credible. Your social media identity is important to protect, and be sure to alert your friends and family about these scams. They are linked to you and you are linked to them, making it easier to unknowingly pass these scams along.

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