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  • Dean Smith

Scary Cheating Facts

BuzzFeed featured a YouTube video with the title “Scary Facts About Cheating You Never Knew”. The statistics may shock you.

15% of married women cheat on their spouse.

25% of married men cheat on their spouse.

Ashley Madison, a website dedicated to extramarital affairs, has over 23 million users.

3% of all children are products of cheating.

60% of cheaters are sure they got away with it.

68% of women would cheat if they knew they couldn’t get caught.

56% of cheating men insist they are happily married.

Rich men are 11% more likely to cheat than poor men.

57% of cheating women are in love with their lover.

Adultery is illegal in 23 states and leads to 17% of divorces.

10% of adulterers marry their lovers.

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