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  • Dean Smith

Rapper Lil’ Kim Sued for Unpaid Medical Bills and Accused of Insurance Fraud by NJ Urologist

According to, rapper Lil’ Kim is under fire for allegedly failing to pay some hefty accrued medical bills and has been accused of insurance fraud in connection to the treatment.

Dr. Gregory Lovallo, a urologist in northern New Jersey, alleges that Lil’ Kim is “cashing in on an insurance scam whilst concurrently failing to pay $15,000 for specialized medical treatment she was receiving – he suspects as part of the con.” Dr. Lovallo filed the lawsuit to recoup the funds in May, citing breach of contract.

The complaint, which fails to detail what led to suspicions of the rapper’s involvement in an insurance scam, indicates the following: “Based upon information and belief, defendant improperly converted insurance proceeds to his/her own personal use,” and, “based upon information and belief, defendant was unjustly enriched.”

Dr. Lovallo is seeking the $15,000 that he is owed for treatment, plus interest and lawyer’s fees. reported that Lil’ Kim had not responded to the lawsuit as of May 31st, 2019, which could result in a default against her if she does not answer in time.

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