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  • Dean Smith

Professional Claimants: One of the Biggest Challenges in Conducting an Investigation

One of the biggest challenges we face as investigators in today’s atmosphere, whether conducting surveillance or internal assignments, is the educated and professional claimant!Aside from our investigative proprietary databases that we legally have access to, you can literally find anything on the internet. We are in a state of constant improvement here at ICU, and our research efforts cover technology, investigative methods, and smart phone apps to aid in investigations, just to name a few.However, the smarter we get, the smarter the educated claimant becomes. We are not the only people with access to information. A claimant with the means to conduct their own research will most definitely find loopholes and ways to beat the system.And let’s not forget that some of our claimants are represented and seek information from their counsel!The best way to keep these claims at bay is to take a proactive approach. We have to stay one step ahead of the claimant at all times, and we take pride in helping you stay ahead of the game.

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