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President & CEO Featured in SJ Magazine

We are proud to announce that our President and CEO, Dean Smith, has been featured in South Jersey Magazine. Colleen Patrice Clark, the author of “Watchful Eyes,” interviewed ICU Investigations’ CEO, Dean Smith, to get a realistic look into the perspective of a private investigator.

With 23 years of experience as a private investigator under his belt, 15 of which he has held the title of President and CEO since establishing ICU Investigations, Inc., there is not much Dean Smith has not seen, heard, and learned about human nature.

Smith recalls one domestic case in particular, that leads you to believe that anything can happen in this world. Clark writes, “Dean Smith will never forget the day a little 86-year-old woman wearing the typically adorable grandmother sweater walked into his office and said she had a job for him. The words that came out her mouth weren’t exactly what he expected to hear: ‘I think my husband is cheating on me.’”

Surveillance was established at a property on South Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that was owned by the woman’s 82-year-old husband, and according to Smith, something was definitely not right.

Ultimately, the investigation determined that the man “was with prostitutes that had him hooked on crack cocaine. He was using the building as a crack house and a whore house.”

No matter what you believe you can find from behind a computer screen, in a world where everyone’s personal business is broadcasted on an abundance of social media sites, there is so much more to be discovered “from behind a windshield” while people think they are unsuspected and undetected going about their daily lives.

Truthfully, domestic cases only account for approximately 10 percent of the caseload that comes into ICU Investigations, despite the fallacy that private investigators’ careers are exactly like those on Cheaters. The other 90 percent is dedicated to insurance investigations (workers’ compensation, general liability cases, etc.), and they are far from boring.

“It’s sad because people complain about their insurance being so high,” says Smith, who solved a case of a Louisiana man who faked his own death, had his wife collect the insurance policy, changed names and made it to Princeton, NJ. “I bet if you really think hard, you know someone who has made money in a lawsuit,” states Smith.

Our goal at ICU Investigations is to provide our clients with accurate, confidential and professional private investigation services, as we continue to build and maintain our benchmark with outstanding customer service. Suspicious? Get Answers.

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