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PI Perspective: Things are not Always what they Seem

What do you see here?

A man running into a snow-covered wooded area? Or a dog running out of a snow-covered wooded area? Maybe now you see both depending on which way you look at the photo. It is all about perspective. Things are not always what they seem!

  • A slip and fall in a parking lot during snowy weather, but it was staged.

  • An injured worker with major restrictions, who lifted and moved a new dryer into his house a couple weeks later.

  • A minor motor vehicle accident, and the claimant’s alleged injuries are extremely exaggerated.

  • Or maybe even a claimant you believe may not be injured, but our findings prove otherwise.

No matter the situation, we are your eyes when you can’t see, and we are here to offer you that perspective, objective facts, and ultimately, results that exceed your expectations. Suspicious? Get Answers TODAY with ICU Investigations.

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