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Pennsylvania Boasts Fifteen Insurance Fraud Arrests Last Month, Multiple Local Suspects

A string of insurance fraud arrests in Pennsylvania last month, fifteen total, verifies that insurance fraud is very much alive and a threat to the industry. But this also proves that a thorough investigation can certainly lead to justice.

Of the 15 total arrests, 4 of the individuals are local; two from Philadelphia, one from Montgomery County, and one from Lehigh County.

6ABC posted a list of the suspects and their crimes; see below:

47-year-old Kim Simon of Philadelphia was arrested for staging a slip-and-fall (she claimed she fell in a puddle of water) at a local Walmart. Investigators reviewed surveillance footage and interviewed a store employee who was adamant that there was no water on the floor. Simon is charged with insurance fraud and criminal attempt to commit theft by deception.

34-year-old Michael Thompson of Philadelphia filed a vandalism claim with his auto insurance company. After an investigation ensued, it was determined that the vehicle was damaged prior to Thompson’s purchase of the vehicle. Thompson is charged with insurance fraud and criminal attempt to commit theft by deception.

36-year-old Danielle Michels of Levittown, Montgomery County, was arrested for purchasing an auto insurance policy after Michels’ boyfriend was involved in an accident with the vehicle. She submitted a claim shortly after purchasing the policy. Michels is charged with insurance fraud and theft by deception.

30-year-old Amber Barnes of Danielsville, Lehigh County, was arrested for getting into a motor vehicle accident, reinstating a previous auto insurance policy, and submitting a claim shortly after. Barnes is charged with two counts of insurance fraud and one count of criminal attempt to commit theft by deception.

The 10 other insurance fraud suspects, also charged with related offenses, who have been named in the article are as follows (the fifteenth individual was not named):

Carrie L Baginski (42), Amber Ann Loutzenhiser (27), Adam Franklin Lung (23), Joanna M Hendryx (31), John D Leali (52), Jacqueline R Cunningham (32), Joshua J Verner (35), Bonifacio Hernandez (52), Amy Sue Millward (36), and Brian Buchko (55), all Pennsylvania residents.

We see the Insurance Fraud Department at the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office has been rather busy!

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