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  • Dean Smith

Not Only is he Cheating, He’s Living a Double Life

We’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill affair here. We’re talking about your spouse actually living a double life, with another home, live-in mistress (even kids!), bank accounts, cell phone numbers, email accounts, you name it. Everything he has with you, he also has with someone else (all except the marriage). If you’re suspicious that your spouse may be having an affair, but you feel it may be much deeper and more complex than you ever imagined, take into consideration these key behavior patterns:

1. Change in sexual appetite.2. Hidden money or financial records.3. Regular, nonchalant contact with an ex.4. Hidden or inaccessible cell phones and/or e-mail accounts.5. Frequent travel.6. Exclusion from the usual “couples events.”7. Deceptive body language.8. Mysterious use of cash for “incidentals” or poorly explained expenses.Now, these behaviors don’t necessarily mean that your spouse is truly living a double life. But the financials, multiple cell phones, and excessive travel are a little more involved than just an ordinary affair. There have been plenty of cases we approached with the suspicion that the other spouse was stepping out on the marriage, but uncovered and documented a whole secret world.Don’t ever feel guilty for protecting yourself.Suspicious? Get Answers with ICU TODAY!800-524-9755 for your FREE consultation.

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