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  • Dean Smith

Not Even Hamsters are Above the Law

We have all seen the outrageously flashy Kia Soul commercials featuring life-size hamsters dancing to Lady Gaga hits. But what you haven’t seen is that one of these energetic hamsters is about to become the face of disability fraud.According to the Associated Press, Leroy Barnes, 27, of Los Angeles, California has been charged with disability fraud in the state of California after collecting $51,000 in workers compensation benefits in the years of 2010 and 2011 after submitting a disability claim for a piece of ceiling falling on him.The California Department of Insurance begs to differ, as they identified that Barnes starred in at least one Kia commercial, performed in a rap group, and performed as a backup dancer with Madonna, Kelly Rowland and Chris Brown.Barnes has been arrested and has posted bail.

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