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  • Dean Smith

New Jersey Woman Acts as Doctor in Insurance Fraud Scheme, Three Charged

According to, three women were charged in an insurance fraud scheme last month, and one of those women claimed to be a doctor operating out of a Paterson, NJ practice. However, authorities discovered that she was unlicensed and charging insurance companies for the services rendered.

The Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office discovered that 42-year-old Yvonne Jeannotte-Rodriguez was tending to and examining patients and identifying herself as a licensed medical doctor to said patients, at the Ferraro Medical Clinic from January 2016 to May 2017. Rodriguez was employed by 60-year-old Dr. Lisa Ferraro, who was fully aware that Rodriguez was not licensed.

Rodriguez, Ferraro and an additional co-conspirator, 59-year-old Marta Galvan, then attempted to bill insurance companies for services rendered by Rodriguez by passing them through as if they were rendered by Ferraro.

All were released on complaint summonses and will be heading to a grand jury soon enough.

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