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  • Dean Smith

Memorial Day Weekend Marks the Most Dangerous Driving Season of the Year

We hope you all had a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend! Most welcome the change with open arms, but the unofficial start to summer also marks the beginning of the most dangerous driving season of the year, according to a new survey conducted by Michelin and reported by Traction News Staff for National Tire Safety Week (May 28th – June 3rd). You may start noticing an uptick in claims for the following reasons:

  1. Two in three (67%) drivers have a false sense of safety with presumably better driving and road conditions (83%), nicer weather (81%), long daylight hours, etc.

  2. More auto accidents occur during the summer months than any other time of year (and over 34.6 million Americans hit the road this past Memorial Day Weekend).

  3. Three-quarters of drivers (74%) actually believe that summer has fewer accidents than the other seasons.

  4. Drivers are three times less likely to be vigilant, alert and focused on immediate surroundings while on the road during summer, as opposed to winter.

  5. Eight in 10 drivers (81%) said they were less likely to drive cautiously in the summertime, which includes taking extra time and allowing enough space to safely stop, taking care while turning, and paying attention to their speed.

  6. Approximately three-quarters (or 72%) of drivers admitted that they were less likely to pay close attention to other drivers on the road in the summer months in comparison to winter months.

  7. Drivers are almost three times less likely to check the condition of their tires in summer, citing that “Drivers tend to think about their tires in the winter, when slippery, icy road require maximum traction. But heat is the enemy of tires,” according to Sarah Robinson, driving safety expert at Michelin. “Some of the most severe tire-related episodes are due to under-inflated tires in summer months.”

Not only do we expect to see a sharp increase in claims, but we also want you all to stay vigilant and safe on the roadways this summer! Enjoy your vacations, safe travels, and HAPPY SUMMER!

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