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Maximize Efficiency: Using Skip Locate Investigations Prior To Subpoena Service

We imagine that it must be extremely frustrating to serve a subpoena, only to find out that the subject has moved. We also know that there is nothing worse than wasted time and money. Luckily, ICU Investigations is always here to help, and we strongly suggest conducting a skip locate investigation in conjunction with a subpoena service to maximize efficiency and get the most bang for your buck! In our experience, there is no better method than to incorporate both services.

Always start with research. Conducting our skip locate investigations not only includes utilizing investigative proprietary databases to uncover address history, but we also incorporate internet and social media searches as well, because we all know most people can’t keep their personal lives off of the internet (including where they live and/or have moved to, and their employment)! We may also include DMV searches depending on state policies for records to include driver’s licenses and address changes.

Only after we are confident in our internal research do we take it to the streets to serve your subpoena. Obviously the most recent addresses are a starting point, but if the subject has frequently moved around, we find that communicating with new tenants, landlords, neighbors, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, roommates, and family members can reveal a wealth of information about the subject’s whereabouts!

Experience is also key, as we have found that most previous addresses typically have a family member living there; maybe it was their childhood home. And we don’t discount people providing false addresses or human error. People often give false addresses close to their real address and might just change the house number, or a human error in entering a house number, such as 217 when it should have been 271.

Contact ICU Investigations today for your skip locate investigation and subpoena service needs. Suspicious? Get answers TODAY!

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