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  • Dean Smith

Man Charged with Insurance Fraud Staged Accidents and Posted Dashcam Footage to YouTube

We typically include articles in ICU Investigations’ newsletter pertaining to insurance fraud cases in the Tri-State area. However, in this particular case out of Asheville, NC, we’re interested in the way that 26-year-old Byron Benson Fulghum, Jr. decided to document his alleged staged accident scheme…by posting dashcam video of some of the accidents to his YouTube page. Now, the victims are speaking out and they’re angry. According to ABC News 13, Fulghum has gotten into multiple accidents over the last 2 ½ years, and “At the time of the accidents, many of the victims say they felt something wasn’t quite right, but had no idea that Fulghum may have been doing it on purpose.” Victim Brenda Pounders was involved in an accident with Fulghum in October 2014. After learning of the charges against Fulghum, Brenda’s husband, Allen Pounders, told ABC News 13 that “He put her life in danger. We did the Christian thing and took responsibility, paid for the damages. But to know that it may have been on purpose, that makes me angry.” The National Insurance Crime Bureau has gotten involved in the investigation of the case. Roger Morris, Chief Communications Officer with NICB, notes that it is not uncommon for those responsible for orchestrating staged accidents to change insurance companies often, which is exactly what Fulghum did, to try to avoid detection. But it is very uncommon, and quite frankly idiotic, for someone to commit this type of insurance fraud, record it, and post it on social media. Fulghum has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, injury to personal property, reckless driving, as well as 6 felony counts of insurance fraud.

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