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  • Dean Smith

LinkedIn Leads Investigators to Health Care Worker’s Blatant Comp Fraud

As most know, LinkedIn is a social network geared toward professionals looking to connect with the business community around them, showcase their experience, skills and resume, and search for job openings. Unfortunately for this genius, showcasing her job experience led to a felony conviction.

According to an article featured on, 46-year-old health care worker, Kandice M. Jones of Columbus, OH filed for workers’ compensation benefits due to a workplace injury, costing her employer, American Nursing Care Inc., thousands of dollars. However, Jones’ LinkedIn profile proved otherwise and ultimately tipped off her employer, as Jones was busy updating her work experience on LinkedIn to include NEW employers she was currently working for while out on comp. An investigation ensued following the employer’s request to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

Jim Wenecke, Director of BWC’s Special Investigations Department commented on the investigation, noting that “Our investigation revealed Jones was gainfully employed with four different employers, doing the same or similar job duties as when she was injured. The evidence we obtained confirmed she intentionally misrepresented and withheld this information in order to collect benefits she would not otherwise have been entitled to.”

Jones pleaded guilty in May 2017, has been ordered to pay $12,938 in restitution, and has been sentenced to a year in jail, which was suspended in lieu of five years of community control.

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