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Legal Investigations: Utilizing a Private Investigator for White Collar Criminal Defense Cases

Part of a private investigator’s job is aiding legal teams in criminal defense cases, and in this case, we want to specifically point out how we can help your team with white collar criminal defense cases. White collar crime refers to financially motivated, nonviolent crime committed by business and government professionals. Take a look at the list below:

  1. Vetting Expert Witnesses – Private investigators can aid the defense in proving, or ultimately disproving, the credibility of an expert witness, which is key in a white collar crime case. Plenty of “expert witnesses” have been discredited after the discovery of their false professional and academic backgrounds.

  2. Vetting the Defendant – There is no better way to prepare than to get ahead of the game. Prosecutors do their research and due diligence on defendants, so why shouldn’t we? Private investigators thrive on gathering intelligence and facts. Who better to cover all angles and discover indiscretions of the defendant than a professional?

  3. Vetting Key Cooperators – Prosecutors often rely on the role of government cooperators and witnesses to sway their case. Questioning and discovering that these witnesses/cooperators are not as reliable as they claim to be opens up a world in which you are now able to question the character and credibility of said cooperator, which may sway the jury in your direction.

  4. Vetting the Jury – No one will really know how jurors will react to the situation in front of them. However, knowing the jurors’ views and backgrounds is a valuable asset to have. Determining critical details about each juror may help you make more informed decisions and help dismiss jurors if need be.

  5. Interviewing – Interviewing as many parties as possible, including all types of witnesses, is crucial to supporting your case. Private investigators are seasoned interviewers and can help you mold pertinent information into your case.

  6. Document Review – White collar criminal defense usually comes along with an overwhelming paper trail. Private investigators can sift through information and target specific key points to highlight in your case.

  7. Gathering Information/Facts – In an article written by Brian Willingham of Diligentia Group, he writes, “An attorney once told me that lawyers go to law school to learn about the law and that private investigators are trained to obtain facts. A private investigator can find difficult-to-find facts, witnesses or information to help support the defense while lawyers concentrate on the legal aspects of the case.”

  8. A Second Look & Different Perspective – A fresh set of eyes and a different point of view can be the most critical weapon in your legal arsenal. Attorneys and private investigators think much differently!

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