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Leader of NY and NJ Auto Insurance Fraud Scheme Received 7 Year Prison Sentence

According to Insurance Journal, Jelani Wray of Brooklyn, New York was officially sentenced last month for his leadership role in an auto insurance fraud scheme that involved bribing 911 operators, hospital workers, and police officers to acquire the personal information of auto accident victims in both New York and New Jersey between 2013 and 2019.

The indictment and court documents indicate that, “Wray personally bribed and arranged for others to pay bribes to obtain confidential information of motor vehicle accident victims. Using this information, Wray and his co-conspirators contacted victims and steered them to clinics and lawyers handpicked by Wray and his associates. These clinics and lawyers then paid Wray and his associates kickbacks for these referrals, which they distributed to co-conspirators as payments and bribes.”

Court documents also show that Wray went as far as providing 911 operators “burner” phones, encrypted messaging apps, and assigned code names to conceal communication and bribery.

Insurance Journal also stated that, “Wray received millions of dollars in illegal profits from his involvement in the various aspects of this scheme. In addition to corrupting 911 operators, hospital workers and police officers, the scheme deprived injured car accident victims of a choice in medical providers and attorneys and subjected them to unwanted medical treatments. The scheme resulted in the submission of millions of dollars in false medical reimbursement claims, officials said.”

Wray originally pled guilty on October 12, 2021, and was recently sentenced to 7 years in prison, ordered to surrender $2,200,000, and is required to pay a $250,000 fine. Additionally, he is one of 27 individuals charged in the scheme.

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