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  • Dean Smith

Investigative Approach: Utilizing Methods of the Past and Present to Prepare for the Future

With 27 years of experience in the investigative industry, it’s safe to say we have been around long enough to witness massive shifts in the methods we use to conduct thorough claims investigations. As investigators at ICU Investigations, we recognize the beauty of this industry; change. We embrace it wholeheartedly, even welcome it, as our success depends on it. We jump on every opportunity to better serve our clients. However, the information we collect with today’s technology is incomplete without the ground work to back it up.

Investigators who have not capitalized on the wealth of information found on social media and the internet have surely missed the boat. Why wouldn’t we incorporate all of the open-source intelligence we can find into our research methods? It gives us the ability to approach an investigation without going in blind! Open-source intelligence gives us direction and a snapshot into the lives of claimants, all completely covert.

On the other hand, the evidence that surveillance efforts produce is an irrefutable and crucial tool. A subject cannot deny that they were deadlifting in the gym, or moving heavy furniture, or working a second job when they claim to be injured from another, because we have their actions documented on video.

As we prepare for what is ahead, the best approach to an investigation is a combination of social media/open-source intelligence and covert surveillance. As investigators, we have taken the tried and true methods of the past and supplemented them with the technology of the present. If we have learned anything, it is that adaptation and the ability to learn is vital to staying relevant in an ever-changing industry.

ICU Investigations’ main goal is to meet and exceed YOUR expectations above all else, and we continue to do so with the wealth of information we provide you, sometimes even before you know it’s what you’re looking for!

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