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  • Dean Smith

Internet Profile Update

On November 19, 2010, the social networking site, MySpace, has signed an agreement with Facebook allowing users to sign into MySpace using their Facebook account information. Users will also be able to sync MySpace and Facebook status updates and photographs.

This new information brings new opportunities to us as insurance claims investigators, with over 500 Million members on Facebook and MySpace. This merger will allow investigators to gain valuable insight on claimants who post their daily activities and lifestyle on these sites. However, there are new challenges we are faced with as investigators as this merger will also inhibit the investigation process due to users increasing their privacy settings.We at ICU Investigations stay on top of the latest technology and techniques to provide our clients with the best internet research investigators available.

HAVE A SUSPICIOUS CLAIM? Try our IPR Report…its amazing what you will find on the internet!

Why order an IPR? This comprehensive report allows you, the adjuster, to use your valuable time to focus on handling the claim while the ICU Investigations Internet research department provides you with a detailed, at-a-glance report of your claimant’s internet profile. This could be beneficial, even essential, to your claims handling. By employing ICU to provide this service, you eliminate the risk of corrupting your corporate computer network by allowing us to use our secure database servers and Internet profiles to research and find claimant information on your behalf. There are more than 300 known social networking sites on the Internet. has more than 185 million users and adds 20,000 new users each day. Too often, investigators overlook or under-utilize this valuable resource. Social networking sites are virtual communities. Research investigators at ICU understand these communities, along with the tools and techniques to track a claimant’s actions on the Internet and in real life.


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