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Internet Infidelity

The most frequent signs of Internet Infidelity include excessive time online especially when you are not around, Instant Messengers, email accounts that you do not have access to, closing or shutting down the computer when you approach, positioning the computer so that no one can easily view the monitor. The history and temporary Internet files are deleted after each use. Large amounts of time spent in chat rooms and instant messengers.

The most significant sign you can have is a GUT feeling about what your spouse is doing online. You can take an average person who is committed to his or her family and find them readily sucked into the allure of the Internet. It is a powerful and hypnotic escape from the reality of bill paying and responsibilities.

If you are experiencing the gut feeling about your spouse or mate, the most important thing you can do at this time is to keep your suspicions to yourself. Do not say anything to them to alert them of your suspicion. This will only cause them to become more secretive about what it is they do online or in real life.

The bottom line of checking into your spouse’s activities is that you may find the one thing you thought you could never survive infidelity and pornography. You have to be prepared to deal with what you find emotionally or you will tip your hand before you have all the information ou need to confront your spouse.

Start a journal or log of events including dates and times. When someone becomes addicted or compulsive about a behavior, they tend to lie extensively to cover up their shame. They may try to convince you that you are crazy or you do not know what you are talking about.

The difference between knowing or not knowing may save your family or your life. Pornography addiction has been proven to cause people to engage in high risk activities that may expose them to diseases such as AIDS.

Cheating on the Internet implies getting in contact with another person or persons through different methods. The initial contact will be usually made by chat or email, which immediately will evolve into a chat conversation. Once in communication through one of the hundreds of chat software programs available any kind of information can be exchanged between the tow persons like text, images, sounds and even live video.

The places where people can meet on the Internet are thousands and they can be classified into the following categories:

Chat rooms, friend networks, direct contact through chat profiles, sites to match couples.

When people start getting acquainted with the other people through those chat conversations they will start to share their problems, likes and dislikes, getting an enormous amount of sympathy from the other person. This person is the ideal receptor letting us to say whatever we want without questioning it and usually agrees with our point of view. That sympathy will turn into affection afterwards and if the relationship for sometime, sooner or later one of the persons will ask the other to meet somewhere to know each other.

It is important to understand that not everyone who chats or even meets in real life are cheaters. The Internet is a great resource and we all are responsible on how we use it.

There are several ways to catch her if your spouse is having a cyber-affair. the most sure-fire way is to directly monitor their computer.

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