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  • Dean Smith

Insurance Fraud Conviction: NJ Woman Faked Injuries in Coach Bus Accident

According to, 48-year-old Rasheedah Dunell of Newark, NJ has officially been convicted of third-degree insurance fraud by an Essex County jury early last month.

Dunell claimed that she sustained back and neck injuries in a Coach USA bus accident that occurred on South Orange Avenue in Newark, NJ on August 12, 2011. The fraudulent claim noted that she was thrown against the rear of the bus during impact, as she was preparing to exit at her stop.

The bus was in fact involved in only a minor accident that day. However, what on earth would we do without surveillance footage?! According to Assistant Prosecutor John Russell, surveillance camera footage on the bus captured Dunell, “sitting calmly in her seat at the time of the crash, laughing with another passenger.”

What a blessing technology can be! Dunell is scheduled for sentencing today, April 3, 2017!

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