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Insurance Fraud Conviction for South Jersey Woman after Concealing Money during Bankruptcy Filings

According to Acting Attorney General, John J. Hoffman and the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor, 58-year-old Deborah Campbell of Williamstown, NJ has been sentenced to five years in state prison for insurance fraud. Campbell admitted to concealing a $100,000 gift that she had received prior to filing personal bankruptcy. She received the gift from the estate of a deceased former resident of Oceanview Center for Rehabilitation and Continuing Care in Cape May, NJ; the long-term care facility that Campbell was employed with. In 2011, Campbell was working as the director of nursing for the long-term care facility. That September, she received notice from the administrator of the former resident’s estate that she would be receiving the $100,000 gift in two installments of $42,5000 (after taxes), as noted in his will. Campbell received the two installments in November of 2011 and March of 2012. The check for the March installment was dated March 15, 2012, and exactly one day later, Campbell filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. She claimed to be in debt $96,000. When filing for bankruptcy, Campbell failed to enclose the details of the gift and falsified her bankruptcy petition by leaving out key pieces of information. According to the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor, Campbell left out the following information:

She had received the first disbursement of the gift and had knowledge she would be receiving the second.

She had opened a bank account and had been using it for transactions involving the gift.

She was a party to a contract to purchase an in-ground pool and had made a payment of $21,000 towards the pool.

She transferred a car out of her name to that of her live-in girlfriend who used the proceeds from the sale of that car to purchase a vehicle valued at nearly $80,000.

The bankruptcy decree was finalized in August 2012, absolving Campbell of more than $75,000 in personal debt. Now, not only will Campbell spend five years in state prison, her license from the Board of Nursing will be suspended for three years. Source

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