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  • Dean Smith

Insurance Fraud Charges for Former NJ EMT Chief Working with Expired Certification

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office, 66-year-old Donald Horner, former EMT Chief of Delran Emergency Squad, was officially charged late last month for allegedly working as an EMT with an expired certification.

Horner’s EMT certification expired in 2016 and he allegedly continued working as an EMT following the expiration. To hide serving as a crew member, Horner in turn altered 27 reports, as Delran Emergency Squad would have been unable to bill for said services without proper certification.

Horner not only operated as an uncertified EMT and altered reports; he “also threatened the lives of state investigators looking into the matter,” according to

Horner was ultimately charged with second-degree insurance fraud, third-degree terroristic threats, and additional related offenses, and was also ordered to surrender his passport and firearms. Furthermore, Delran Emergency Squad’s license has since been suspended by the state.

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