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  • Dean Smith

Infidelity Thrives on Social Media

Last year’s massive data breach, which became a threat to 35 million users in search of an affair, has exposed Ashley Madison for what it truly is, and made it one of the most recognizable websites for inciting extra-marital relations. But make no mistake; Ashley Madison is most certainly not the only place people initiate cheating.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, etc. are all outlets that people can, and do use to facilitate affairs. We increasingly share more information about our lives on social media, so what would stop a spouse from starting an emotional affair on any of their social media accounts? Nothing.

Whether it be keeping in touch with an ex, or starting a new fling, social networking opens up a whole new can of worms in the infidelity arena. Of course, emotional affairs have been occurring for a long time, but before, the setting was in the workplace or bars. Now, we have actual text and emails records of the conversations. Now, the affairs are visible and documented.

And although the majority of people feel negatively toward marital infidelity, the use of social media for the purpose of rousing an extramarital affair is becoming increasingly more common.

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