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Infidelity Guidance

Below are some tidbits of guidance from Shirley Glass, PhD, drawn from her speech at the annual Smart Marriages Conference.

Affairs tend to be less about love and more about boundaries. Unexpected affairs can happen in happy marriages.

A married couple centralizing their lives around children is one of the biggest threats to a marriage in this day and age.

To validate a reason for cheating, it is common to say “I never loved you.”

The predictable perception is that the unfaithful spouse isn’t “getting enough” from their significant other so they stray. The truth is the person isn’t giving enough.

Major attraction in an affair is NOT toward the person you are cheating with, but the positive image of yourself. (“The way I look when I see myself in the other person’s eyes.”)

It is more likely that when a wife cheats, as opposed to the husband cheating, the marriage is usually beyond repair.

Most people are often scared to admit to having an affair because it will hurt their spouse, but according to Glass, it is a way to rebuild intimacy.

Empathy = repair

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