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  • Dean Smith

Identify Wording in Emails that is Indicative of Corporate Fraud

ICU Investigations provides its clients with services designed to stop fraudulent claims from progressing into expensive and ultimately catastrophic claims. But in this case, we would like to share some insight on a growing fraud epidemic in the working world, corporate fraud. It is important to remember that all types of fraud affect every one of us, from our taxes to our premiums, and corporate fraud has become increasingly damaging in America.

Many companies in corporate America have email monitoring and email server systems that preserve incoming and outgoing mail and can be accessed at any time. Just because an email has been deleted from your computer does not mean that it has disappeared from cyberspace. Utilizing these monitoring systems to help prevent internal fraud before it has begun is an excellent resource, especially for companies that seem to have an infinite number of employees. Sure, there is software out there that will detect fraud indicators in emails for you, but to save a little cash in a bad economy, it might not be a bad idea to take the initiative and go back through some emails on your server manually. has revealed the top ten common fraud phrases that the expensive software programs pick up out of “some 3,000 keywords” and they are as follows:

  1. Cover up

  2. Write off

  3. Illegal

  4. Failed investment

  5. Nobody will find out

  6. Grey area

  7. They owe it to me

  8. Do not volunteer information

  9. Not ethical

  10. Off the books

It is almost common knowledge that “detecting a fraud in its early stages can save a company from huge losses.” And now that you have options to proactively hunt for these red flags, whether you choose to purchase software or sift through emails manually, you may potentially save your company from a catastrophic loss and a bad reputation. Share with your family members, business associates, friends, etc. And if you feel someone may be committing fraud in your workplace, you have options available to report any incidents or tips anonymously. Contact ICU Investigations today.

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