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  • Dean Smith

ICU Won’t Sleep on the Deep Web

Investigators at ICU are highly trained in manipulating searches and criteria on the web for data input while conducting our Internet Profile Reports. However, search engines and directories such as Google and Yahoo will not always take us into the dark depths of the web to access additional, even personal information about the claimants in question.

To explain a little further, spiders don’t have access to the information that is stored within the deep web, or invisible web, as they normally would when they index Google and Yahoo. Not only have we mastered the visible web, but the investigators at ICU probe and manipulate the deep web as well.

If we elected not to utilize these resources, we would be throwing away access to 500 times more information than what normal search engines will give us about your subjects.

Investigators continuously research new technology and new techniques to stay current as an industry leader, and we consistently strive to provide as much information to our clients as possible to help you make the right decisions.

ICU’s Internet Profile Report can provide clients with a look into their claimants’ lifestyles, employment, hobbies, addresses, etc. Many times, the IPR will reveal information contrary to the injury claim. Utilizing IPRs in conjunction with surveillance and activity checks completes the most proactive approach to keeping fraudulent claims at bay.

Suspicious? Get Answers with ICU Investigations.

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