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  • Dean Smith

ICU Investigations Joins the Fight Against COVID-19 with Our Contact Tracing Program

After conferring with medical experts, ICU Investigations, Inc. has joined the fight against COVID-19 by offering a new service to help prevent the disease’s spread, and safely reopen the economy. This program will help connect Americans with jobs that are desperately needed and critically important to the public health.

We are now helping local and state agencies quickly and efficiently launch, expand, and operate COVID-19 contact tracing teams, by providing urgent (within 24 hours) contact tracing.

Our extensive experience with skip locate investigations for our insurance and legal clients has aligned us with the opportunity to aid our healthcare systems and government officials in this fight, and we are willing to do whatever is required of us moving forward.

24/7 Open-Sourced Online Intelligence Investigation Teams

Ensure your tracers have the necessary information to perform, enabling them to spend more time on the phone, and less on research.

Leverage the power of a highly experienced, remote, open-source intelligence team to perform urgent online investigation, 24/7, for your contact tracers.

Open-source intelligence is data collected from publicly available sources (online research). Our team has been performing high level open-source intelligence research for the last 15 years.

Our team can be applied to a variety of tasks, including:

  1. Finding missing phone numbers for positive patients

  2. Finding phone numbers for contacts of positive patients that aren’t provided

  3. Identifying places a positive patient visited, including places of business, churches, etc., and gathering their phone numbers

  4. Identifying the contacts of a positive patient that cannot be reached, or that chooses not to participate in contact tracing efforts

  5. Outreach and communication with contacts by text message

We provide this service in a manner that best supports the needs of each organization.

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