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  • Dean Smith

ICU Investigations and Search Techniques

The World Wide Web can be a vast and intimidating universe to navigate. But ICU Investigations uses databases, search engines, and specialized techniques to accurately find the information requested by our clients.

First, we must give credit to the highest ranking search engine: Google. For example, after typing “workers compensation” into a search in Google, it turned up with about 62,800,000 results in 0.24 seconds. Not only does that search include web sites, but images, news articles, videos, and more. To refine a search, investigators can use quotation marks around a claimant name (example: “John Doe”), add a middle initial, add a location, etc., ultimately narrowing our search. The ICU staff has mastered numerous techniques that undeniably produce results in the fastest time possible.

There are other ways our investigators navigate the web to find information for our clients that may not be indexed by search engines. We utilize specific databases that allow us to perform internal investigations such as basic and comprehensive assets, internet profile reports (also in conjunction with social networking sites), background checks, etc.

Ultimately, our staff is extensively trained on the freshest and most effective methods to identify pertinent information for all investigations, and promptly and efficiently communicate the results back to our clients.

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