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  • Dean Smith

Hurricane Sandy Fraud Still Emerging in New Jersey

According to Claims Journal, more New Jersey residents have been charged for filing fraudulent applications to receive Superstorm Sandy aid.Carol Suto, 53, of Clifton and Debra Weigman, 56, of Berkeley Township submitted claims stating that their damaged homes were their primary residences, according to the acting Attorney General, John Hoffman.Both received Superstorm Sandy aid after submitting claims. According to Claims Journal, “Suto received $31,900 in federal grants, including $2,270 in rental assistance and $29,630 for home repairs. Weigman got $13,373 in federal funds, including $5,553 for personal property damage and $7,820 for rental assistance.”Investigators determined that Suto’s damaged Middletown Township home was a vacant investment property which she planned to renovate. Weigman was actually evicted from the home she was leasing in Seaside Heights two weeks prior to Superstorm Sandy’s hit.Suto has been charged with theft by deception and unsworn falsification, and Weigman has been charged with attempted theft by deception and unsworn falsification. If convicted, both face more than six years in prison.

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