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  • Dean Smith

How to Spot a Married Man While Out on the Town

A New York private investigator stepped inside Haven Rooftop at Sanctuary Hotel in Manhattan as a decoy to help spot the married man looking for an extramarital affair.

Her findings:

The married man:

1. Sits in a corner: “A married man will sit in a booth, in the back of a restaurant. It tends to be less busy and out of the main area where other patrons would be and perhaps a chance where someone might notice him.”

2. Wears a suit or sports coat: “He will generally wear a suit or a nice sports coat with a pair of trousers; nothing too casual.”

3. Buys drinks from across the bar: “A married man is going to buy a drink for a woman across the bar.”

4. Conceals ring finger: “He’s going to hide his ring finger by either placing it in his pocket or concealing it in some way, and then holding his drink in his right hand so that his ring finger is out of view.”

5. Steps away to text: “He will step away to make a phone call or a text.”

6. Pays with cash: “He usually will pay with cash and not a credit card because he doesn’t want a trail.”

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