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  • Dean Smith

How to Check and Disable Frequent Locations on iPhones

If you haven’t figured this out yet, your iPhone (and everyone else’s iPhone) knows exactly where you’ve been, how much time you’ve spent at that location, and how many times you’ve visited that location. Oh! Also, your iPhone knows the place you call home and where you work. Ever wonder how your phone magically knows it would take you approximately 23 minutes to get home when you swipe down the Notification Center? This feature is called “Frequent Locations,” and it takes a few clicks to get there so you might have never even looked for it because you most likely had no clue it was there. Bad for cheaters, don’t you think?

To access Frequent Locations:

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services

Scroll past all of the apps listed to the very bottom…click on System Services.

Select Frequent Locations.

You’ll notice if the Frequent Locations setting is turned on by the the green setting seen below. If it’s green, then it’s been collecting location data.(If you’d prefer it to be disabled, this would be where you turn it off.)

This is the scary part. The history of places you visit is dead-on accurate.

The first history page will start with the city and state.

Click into each city and it’ll bring you to each street name complete with map and how many visits were recorded within a certain time frame. Click on the street name to go even further and you’ll find the exact date and duration of time you spent at that specific location. Within the history, you’ll also find what the iPhone names your Home…and Work. It’s undeniably accurate. Take a look for yourself.

Upsides to this feature? You just found out how to track your teenager’s whereabouts.

Furthermore, we’ve had several calls and requests about the Frequent Locations feature and how to access it to look into suspicions of a cheating spouse.

Of course, the Frequent Locations tab can certainly be turned off…but it can’t be turned off if they don’t know it even exists.

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