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HIGH PROFILE: Joe Simpson reported just how Joe Simpson’s wife of 34 years came to find out about his affair with a 21-year-old man.

Tina Simpson came across modeling pictures of Bryce Chandler Hill, around the Simpson’s home in Los Angeles. After taking a closer look at the photos, she realized that the pictures were taken in their Encino mansion. Tina took it upon herself to investigate.

According to, a source said “Joe and Tina’s marriage was in trouble and they had a make or break vacation booked in Hawaii, so she didn’t ask Joe any questions at that point. However, when they returned to Los Angeles Joe bizarrely got on a plane to New York, just six hours after they had landed in California.”

The arrangement in New York was not just a business meeting. Tina dug deeper, asking around about Bryce Chandler Hill. Tina teamed up a friend of her daughter, CaCee Cobb, to assist her in finding out more information about the young man, since the family and friends worked in the fashion industry.

According to the source, posted that “CaCee uncovered some personal pictures of Joe and Bryce posing together and showed Tina.”

Tina quickly questioned Joe, who was still in New York at the time, and he denied knowing Hill at all. Tina jumped on a plane and decided to surprise Joe with an unannounced confrontation.

Tina confronted Joe in the lobby of the hotel, where he allegedly confessed he was having an affair with Hill, who had left the hotel days earlier. The source states that “Tina demanded a divorce.”

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