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  • Dean Smith

Helpful Tips to Avoid Fraud During the Holidays

ICU Investigations wants YOU to protect yourself from fraud and scams this Holiday Season. Consumers should be extra vigilant this time of year, as fraud attempts increase approximately 30%. We want you to avoid being a victim during the season of giving, so we are bringing you these tips on behalf of Forbes:

  1. Use unique passwords. If you do not want to remember unique passwords for every website you use, at least create unique ones for your online banking profile, PayPal account, credit card account, and other accounts linked to your financial information.

  2. Use a secure browser when shopping online. Most internet security platforms provide this as part of their service package.

  3. Only shop with sites or stores you trust. Verify that you are on a store’s actual website, and trust your gut if something seems suspicious.

  4. Monitor your credit card and bank accounts closely. Review your transactions on a frequent basis. Report any fraudulent or questionable charges as soon as you notice them.

  5. Set up email or text alerts with your credit card company so you receive notice of any purchase with your card. If you didn’t make that purchase, contact your issuer immediately.

  6. Never give your financial or personal information over the phone to someone that initiated the call. Only give information on a call which you placed and are sure you are speaking to the desired company.

  7. Be careful who you trust your login information to, even if it is a close friend or relative.

Happy shopping!

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