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  • Dean Smith

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned: Wife Uses Craigslist to Call Out Cheating Husband & Mist

“To the Woman Dating My Husband,” the name of a post on Syracuse Craigslist in the “rants & raves” section, has gone viral. The post itself has been shared thousands of times on Facebook and has triggered an explosion of comments, ranging from “Atta girl” to “Good luck to the wife and may God forgive the other two.” We thought this was too good not to share, but we also wanted to point out how unbelievably brazen some cheaters can be (or how stupid), especially when they don’t notice their mistress is leaving items behind, intentionally or unintentionally, for others to find. Even though this scorned wife does not use any names in her post, we have a good idea that anyone involved would be able to figure it out with the clues she has posted. See excerpts from this epic call-out below as posted by Geoff Herbert of “She does reveal she discovered he was cheating with multiple profiles on online dating sites after a little bit of detective work, including Google search history and finding a receipt for unusual purchases from a Tops store in Cicero,” writes Herbert. Sometimes, like in this case, it’s really that easy. “The post then invites readers to do their own detective work to see if they can identify her soon-to-be ex-husband, who’s 56 and works as a ‘contractor-type,’ and his mistress, also known as ‘the proud new doormat for a middle-aged man.’”

“So the following may be you, or it may be ‘multiples’ of you. I do not know how many of ‘you’ there are. So read to the end. You’ll figure out if it’s the guy you’re dating. Perhaps one of your friends will see this and figure it out for you.. “You left your mascara in my husband’s old vehicle (he bought a newer one in late September). It was a shimmery brown Covergirl. “I think you left some clothes here too. I threw them away. You also left a bra. You’re size 36 B. I’m a 34C. The bra stank with BO. (Of course, it maybe that it belongs to someone else….. After all, his dating profiles – and–showed that he was horn-doggin’ over a 120 mile radius… )”

The scorned wife also notes that divorce is coming, and half of everything they’ve owned (their home, that shiny new truck, two purebred dogs, and more) will surely be hers. Lastly, she leaves some daunting advice for the mistress who might be considering becoming his future ex-wife:

“He’ll use you up, he’s a selfish lover, he’s a spend-a-holic, and it’s likely he’ll revert to booze. His financial decisions will drive you into bankruptcy. (He’s done it twice) His family will hate you (they’re weird, you’ll see), and he has a tendency to do incredibly stupid stuff.” “If you’re a real, actually nice person, that has been duped, just know that he’s gotten very good at lying. He’s a lot of fun. He’s a great cook, and a great talker…And he’s not single, he’s just trying to get laid. Or worse. He’s courting you as the next Mrs., knowing that our divorce will leave him very, very financially screwed. And you, my dear, are lookin’ to him like his life boat. Get out while you can.”

Now, we’d like to note how unbelievably brazen and/or stupid this cheater was to leave his Google search history intact and allow his mistress(es) to leave behind smelly bras, clothes and makeup. Was it intentional? We’ll probably never know. But we’re guessing it wasn’t, just seems a little hard to believe because when is it ever that easy to catch a cheating husband? And when it’s not that easy of a task to complete yourself, that’s what we’re here for. Suspicious? Get ANSWERS with ICU Investigations.


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