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  • Dean Smith

Five Practices That Law Firms Should Consider When Seeking a PI

1. License and Insurance, Please

Don’t be fooled by phony investigators. Before hiring a private investigator, take the time to ask for copies of proper licensing and insurance documents. In the end, it will shield your firm from liability issues and you can guarantee you are utilizing the services of a legitimate agency.

2. Communication

The second step in the process is to communicate the specifics of the case, anything and everything you know about it. The better you communicate your needs to us, the better we can serve you and tell you outright if we are legally able to attain the information you request.

3. Subject Area and Experience

ICU Investigations specializes in surveillance, locations of missing clients and witnesses, asset investigations of businesses and individuals, interviews and statements, and much more. Our clients include professionals in the insurance industry, law enforcement, a wide range of law firms, and individuals. Contact ICU Investigations today to be sure we are able to serve you according to the subject area of the case. We can provide you with examples of previously completed assignments.

4. Budgeting and Reports

ICU Investigations will work closely with your attorneys to ensure all budgets are used properly and reports will be submitted in a timely, professional manner. ICU Investigations prides itself on its customer service and communication skills.

5. Documenting the Agreement

Be sure to document the terms of the agreement with the private investigator you choose. For example, if you are using a retainer fee as the frame for your budget, make sure that is stated in the agreement. There should be no questions or guessing games. This documentation is just another way to protect you and your firm.

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