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  • Dean Smith

Financial Dependence Makes you More Likely to Cheat

According to an article by Carolyn Gregoire on Huffington Post, research shows that both men and women are more likely to cheat on their spouse if they are financially dependent on them. Christin Munsch, one of the study’s authors and a sociologist at the University of Connecticut, notes the findings of the study that includes 10 years of data of 2,750 married people: • There’s a 5% chance that financially dependent women will cheat on their spouse• There’s a 15% chance that financially dependent men will cheat on their spouse• The people who were most likely to cheat were men who were 100% financially dependent on their partners• Women who are responsible for 100% of the earnings in the marriage are the least likely to have affairs• When men make more than 70% of the household income, they become more likely to cheat The study sheds light on a man’s struggle with financial dependency. It may make him feel less masculine, or less of a man, if he is not contributing financially to the relationship. According to Munsch, “There is something about masculinity and cultural norms about breadwinning that make men especially unhappy in these kinds of financial situations.” This, in turn, may lead to infidelity in order to make up for the lost masculinity. Either way, researchers agree that a marriages are more stable with both partners financially contribute. Source

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