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Fighting Fraud Using Social Media

Whether the claim is considered workers compensation or auto liability, the staff at ICU specializes in social media searches to ensure our clients get a clear and true snapshot into the lifestyles and daily activities of each individual subject. Is your subject exaggerating injuries or performing beyond their limitations? The evidence on your subject’s social media accounts can have a major impact on the outcome of a claim, but only if you know it!Below is a list comprised of sites that the staff at ICU is proficient in searching. The sites include, but are CERTAINLY not limited to:

  1. Facebook

  2. Twitter

  3. LinkedIn

  4. Google+

  5. YouTube

  6. MySpace

  7. Pinterest

  8. Instagram

  9. Tumblr

  10. Kickstarter

  11. Bebo

  12. Blogster

  13. Black Planet

  14. Classmates

  15. MyLife

  16. Faces

  17. Flickr

  18. Foursquare

  19. Fubar

  20. Meetup

  21. MyYearbook

  22. Tagged

  23. Craigslist

  24. EBay

Additionally, a good private investigative firm will not only search these sites for your subject (some stay off social media and are actually smarter than they look), but they will search for family, friends, and associates online, as well. If your subject isn’t active on social media, there’s a good chance their family and friends are. We have found countless photos and posts of claimants on their loved one’s accounts!

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