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  • Dean Smith

Featured: Two of the Decade’s Dumbest Insurance Scams

Thanks to Mandi Woodruff and Zachry Floro from Business Insider, we get to share a compiled list of the dumbest insurance scams of the past decade.

1. Gerald Hardin saws off a friend’s hand:

Gerald Hardin and two others participated in a scam that turned out to be lose-lose all around. Hardin and one of the participants used a pole saw, a chain saw attached to a pole for the purpose of trimming tree branches, to cut off the third participant’s hand in May of 2008. We can’t help but wonder how they designated the amputee.

“…The three participants then submitted claims against a homeowner’s insurance policy and three accidental death and dismemberment policies and received over $671,000.”

Hardin is facing 20 years in prison and a hefty fine of $250,000.

2. Rule Number 1: Do Not Drive the Car you Reported Stolen:

Suliman Kamara, a New Jersey police officer, reported his car stolen to Liberty Mutual in 2009 and ended up collecting around $10,000. An employee of Liberty Mutual found the exact same car with different license plates parked outside of Kamara’s house three years after. He is facing a $15,000 fine and five years in prison if found guilty.

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