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  • Dean Smith

Facebook Deemed a Valuable Tool in Catching Insurance Fraud

In an article by Ben Present of The Legal Intelligencer, Present makes the argument that posting on Facebook can be a valuable and useful tool to use for fraud investigations.

According to the article, courts are deciding that the information that someone posts on Facebook that may challenge what is being alleged can be used against them; and for good reason.

Relating this information to the insurance world is surprisingly simple. For instance, a claimant is declaring that they injured themselves at work and are collecting compensation for doing so. ICU Investigations will conduct an Internet Profile Report, making sure to cautiously scan proper social media sites for pertinent information regarding the claimant’s activities, whereabouts, photographs, etc. Any information that can be obtained that may contradict the claim will be provided to allow the requester to make a clear, more concise decision.

Also, according to Present, if the case makes it to court, the pertinent information is allowed to be accessible in testimony.

Read the original article here.

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