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Expose Cheaters After The Holidays

According to an article posted on, the weeks after Christmas are prime time to catch your significant other if you suspect he or she is being unfaithful. Here are 6 things to look for:

1. Disappearing Gifts

Some of us can’t help but snoop around for our gifts before Christmas. If you discovered a gift hidden before the holidays and Christmas has come and gone with no trace of it, raise the red flags. If it wasn’t for you, who was it for?

2. Receipts for 2 Identical Gifts

Did you find receipts for the purchase of 2 identical gifts, one of which you received? Where did the other gift go? According to, “Cheating husbands often buy the exact same Christmas gift for their wife and their mistress to avoid detection.”

3. “Thank you” E-mails or Texts

If you find texts or e-mails from the opposite sex thanking your significant other for the gift, this should raise some serious concerns. This gift was obviously bought in secrecy. If it was innocent, why didn’t you know about it?

4. Inappropriately Personal Gifts

Don’t be alarmed by fairly neutral Christmas gifts, such as scarves, ties, perfume or cologne. DO take notice of jewelry, lingerie, articles of clothing, or other personal items from members of the opposite sex.

5. Expensive Gifts that Suddenly Appear after the Holidays

Did your spouse or significant other claim to have bought the item for himself/herself? Is there a receipt?

6. Credit Card Statements

Check the mailbox the weeks following Christmas. Credit card statements can reveal a wealth of information. Examiner says, “If you weren’t the one who charged an expensive watch from Sak’s Fifth Avenue or $300 worth of lingerie from Victoria’s Secret on your joint credit card., who did? And if you weren’t the person who received the gift in question, who was it given to?”

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