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  • Dean Smith

Electronic Clues that Point to a Cheating Spouse


Your spouse sets up a private (separate) e-mail account that you knew nothing about.

Your spouse suddenly spends a significant amount of time checking and answering their emails (almost obsessively).

Your spouse suddenly deletes all emails from their account when they would regularly let them accumulate.

Your spouse is quick to delete an email immediately after reading it then clearing out the “trash” to ensure it’s gone.

Cell Phone

Your spouse buys a cell phone on a separate account that you don’t have access to and doesn’t let you know about it (usually billed to their office or another location).

Your spouse suddenly deletes all text messages/voicemails/call logs.

You’re never allowed to check their phone, and they go to great lengths to make certain their cell is not answered by you.

Your spouses phone never leaves their side.

When they receive bizarre text messages from “friends” you’ve never heard of. These contacts are most likely ‘pretend’ names to cover up their true identity.


Excessive internet usage, especially late at night.

Your spouse is staying up late to “work” or “play a game” after you go to bed.

When your spouse locks their computer or laptop with a passcode.

Your spouse suddenly shuts down the computer when you walk into the room.

Your spouse guards access to Facebook or other social media.

Your spouse has sites such as “ashleymadison” or “adultfriendfinder” in their browser history, or they erase their history each night.

Please know that all of the data that your spouse erases from electronic devices has never truly been deleted.

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