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“Disabled” Doylestown Man Filed Over 30 Lawsuits, Pleads Guilty to Perjury After Court Proceedings

According to Yahoo News and the Associated Press, 60-year-old James Douris of Upper Makefield, PA has been charged with perjury following a court proceeding from 2014 and entered a guilty plea late last month. Douris has filed over 30 lawsuits claiming severe disabilities that restrict him from walking, holding a glass of water, or doing anything else for that matter.

Thanks to investigators, the perjury charge came to light after Douris was documented pushing around a wheelbarrow, standing on a ladder, and utilizing a power saw, all after he claimed he couldn’t even pick up court papers that were served at the foot of his front door.

According to Yahoo News, “Douris, an unemployed veteran, has sued municipalities, officials and businesses claiming his various physical disabilities haven’t been accommodated over the past few decades. Nearly all have been thrown out of court.”

But we want to know, how can anyone take you seriously with over 30 lawsuits under your belt, including one loss in 2010 in which Douris considered his dog a dependent and therefore should be eligible for food stamps because his dog ate the same food as he did?

This isn’t Douris’ first rodeo with perjury, either. He was convicted of perjury not long before last month’s plea for creating a fictitious invoice for the cost of repairs to his yard while suing a tree company for damage. The invoice for repairs was from a non-existent company.

Douris left the courtroom in a wheelchair after entering his guilty plea and is set to receive a psychological evaluation before ultimately facing sentencing within the next 2 months.

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