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Differing Signs of Cheating Between Men and Women

Katie Parsons for shares an article on Huffington Post, highlighting Daniel Gomez, private investigator and TV personality appearing on the show Cheaters, as he shares the differing telltale signs of cheating between men and women.How to tell that HE is cheating:1. Decrease in sex drive. When a man is interested sexually in another person (or committing the act itself), his desire for his spouse or significant other may decrease.2. Paying attention to appearance. More time spent at the gym, brand new clothes, and an overall change in the interest of his appearance.3. Money unaccounted for. According to Gomez, “If there’s money in the household budget that is unaccounted for, it could point to cheating — particularly if it’s untraceable through credit or debit card records.”4. Cell phone paranoia. A man that suddenly keeps a tight grip on his phone, or adds a password to keep intruders out, may be hiding private conversations with an extramarital partner.5. Car changes. Gomez warns to look for “unaccounted mileage, receipts or belongings in a man’s car. Another red flag: a passenger seat moved to a different position.”How to tell that SHE is cheating:1. Girl time. While men try to cover their tracks after the fact, women worry more about the back story. A common sign that Gomez sees of cheating women is when they suddenly are spending more time with their girlfriends (or just saying they are). “I’ve even seen people stopping at a girlfriend’s house at the end of a date and then posting pics of them together on Facebook,” says Gomez. “Maybe they see the friend for 10 minutes only, but they work hard to make it look like they’ve been with that person the whole time.”2. Increase in exercise. Gomez says that while men tend to focus on their overall appearance, women focus mostly on the gym. The gym allows her to work to look her best for a new man and could double as a meet-up place.3. Unknown email accounts. A man would just delete his emails. A woman is more likely to create an entirely new account to solely communicate with a love interest.4. Girls nights out. If these outings are out of the ordinary, and becoming increasingly frequent, she could be on the prowl.Men react. Women plan. One thing is for sure; the best way to prove your suspicions is to hire the help of a private investigator to collect the evidence for you. Because, according to Gomez, “Without evidence, you can’t prove it. And you may cause him or her to be even more cautious about their cheating. Once the person knows you’re onto him or her, that makes it harder for you, and investigators like me, to find the proof.”

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