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Delaware Couple Bilked Insurers for Over $100,000 Over Fake Accident, Charged with Insurance Fraud

According to Insurance Journal, husband and wife duo, Joseph Aubourg and Diliana Legros of Milford, Delaware were arrested last month in connection to an auto accident that never occurred, while the couple filed fraudulent medical claims worth over $100,000 with their insurer.

The Delaware Department of Insurance (DOI) conducted an investigation that determined Legros and Aubourg were falsely filing insurance claims for “injuries” allegedly sustained in an auto accident in New Jersey on November 12, 2016. The couple claimed that they were traveling back to Delaware from New Jersey with two of their children when a Mini Cooper bearing New York tags merged into their lane, hit their vehicle, and never stopped. Neither Legros or Aubourg contacted police, but they recorded the license plate of the “striking vehicle” and reported the accident to their insurance carrier four days later.

The couple and their children then “treated” with multiple medical professionals, including a chiropractor in Milford, Delaware, ultimately billing over $100,000 in medical bills to the insurance carrier, which paid out over $55,000.

Investigators made contact with the owner of the Mini Cooper, inspected the vehicle, conducted interviews, and collected other evidence, and were able to determine that the accident never occurred.

Both Legros and Aubourg were officially indicted by a Delaware Grand Jury with charges of insurance fraud.

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