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Data Shows Increase in Auto and Homeowners Insurance Claims During Halloween

Multiple insurers, including Mercury and Travelers, have reported a spooky increase in both auto and homeowners’ insurance claims from previous years, and they are expecting to see the trend continue. Some of us will be seeing more tricks than treats this year!

In a news release by Mercury Insurance, Randy Petro, Chief Claims Officer, stated that “In 2015, we had nearly eight percent more auto claims and seven percent more homeowners claims during the week of Halloween when compared to the same time the previous year.

Have any Halloween claims been reported since it officially ended yesterday?

From vandalism, thievery and other crime, to auto accidents and trips and falls, there are steps that we, and your customers, can take to have a claims-free Halloween in the years to come!

Here are some tips from insurers to consumers:


  1. Stay focused and pay close attention when driving. Trick-or-treaters are roaming the streets, running from house to house, even after dark. Watch for them attempting to cross the street or for children darting out into the road in between cars. Also, it’s always better to decrease speed!

    1. Park cars in well-lit areas or in garages if possible. Areas that are well lit deter thieves from breaking in, so opt for streetlamps when forced to use street parking. If a garage is not available, motion-detecting lights are a great option for driveways.

      1. Park in well-populated areas. You are much less likely to be a victim of vandalism and/or thievery when there are people around. Stay away from deserted parking lots, empty streets, etc.

        1. Lock your car, activate your alarm and close all windows.Sounds silly, but some of us just forget to lock our cars or roll up the windows when we get out. Make a conscious effort to ALWAYS lock your doors and close windows, and newer cars are equipped with alarms. They are loud, draw plenty of attention, and it may be the only thing deterring a thief after they have pulled on your door handle!

          1. Evaluate your coverage. Liability coverage only covers damage from a motor vehicle accident. It does not cover damage by bat, monkey wrench, eggs, etc. Only comprehensive coverage will!


  1. Light walkways and keep exterior lighting on. First, make sure your home and walkways are well lit to keep little Trick-or-Treaters on their feet. Second, lighting your home will act as a deterrent for vandals and thieves who wish to get INSIDE your home!

  2. Keep pets indoors and/or separated from visitors. Costumes are confusing to animals. They may not understand why they can’t play with the over-sized red ball (M&M costume) or attack that werewolf before it harms their humans! It’s best to keep skittish pets away from the action to prevent bad situations before they occur. If they enjoy the fun and embark on your Trick-or-Treating journey with you, make sure they are leashed.

  3. Do not leave candles unattended or in areas when they can easily be knocked over. Electronic or battery-operated candles are great alternatives to avoid setting your home ablaze, or worse. No one wants to deal with flaming Trick-or-Treaters.

  4. Install surveillance cameras. Great option for helping law enforcement track down vandals and thieves who may have gotten into an area of your home or car that was obstructed by view.

  5. Help your neighbors. Communicate with your neighbors and keep watch for the area if you’re at home. If you see something strange, do not hesitate to call the police!

We hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween weekend and made it through with no claims!

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