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Cosmo Examines Schwarzenegger Cheating Scandal

An article in the popular women’s magazine, Cosmopolitan, says “When we read news reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a lovechild with a member of his household staff and carried on the affair for ov

er a decade, it was hard not to be shocked. What reason could there be for him to risk losing his wife, the beautiful and incredibly successful Maria Shriver who helped his political career at the risk of losing her own?”

We obviously cannot see behind closed doors, so we can only make assumptions as to why he would want to mess up a seemingly perfect marriage. But it is the infidelity experts that truly are not surprised that Schwarzenegger, along with other men of his status, have turned out to be unfaithful.

“Several factors make some men more likely to stray, even if they are dating or married to a beautiful woman,” Don-David Lusterman, Phd, author of Infidelity: A Survival Guide, explains to Cosmo.

1. A Man’s Level of Success: Guys in high-profile, powerful positions — such as politicians, celebrities, athletes, and business executives — often have a sense of superiority and entitlement. Lusterman states, “These guys have achieved a certain status, and bedding several attractive women further reinforces it in their mind.” Also, these professions tend to demand travel, or in cheater terms, extended periods of time away from their significant others. This allows more opportunity for women to throw themselves at these powerful figures, while the men can satiate their hunger for ego-boosting, no-strings-attached sex. “They may have a wonderful partner waiting at home, but the situation they’re in, coupled with their role of pursuer, makes it that much easier to cheat,” adds Lusterman.

2. Environment: Do not be deceived. Regular old Joe’s commit infidelity everyday, as well. It is sad to say, because this is a totally uncontrolled, environmental factor, but a man may learn his cheating habits from his unfaithful father. Dr. Debbie Magids, author of All the Good Ones Aren’t Taken, explains that “There are internal blueprints (created by watching our parents) that make cheating more of an option for some guys.” Not to mention, if your man was ignored as a child, he may have developed severe trust issues, posing constant strain on the relationship. “Chronic cheating is rooted in an emotional emptiness that can give people the need to feel constantly desired,” says Dr. Magids.

3. Mental Disorders: The most obvious of disorders in this case, sex addiction, comes with an insatiable need to have sex anywhere, anytime, leaving him to resort to affairs, and even going as far as visiting prostitutes and watching endless amounts of porn. “Ironically, many of them have happy relationships and feel guilty for cheating, but they can’t stop,” says Lusterman. On the other hand, narcissistic personality disorder would make a man unable to resist any temptation because he is “obsessed with being adored.”

“It’s important to pay attention to the warning signs, but whether a man will stray or not boils down to his level of honesty within the relationship and his loyalty to you,” says Lusterman. Not all men cheat, and not all men have mental disorders (debatable). But pay attention t

o your relationship, and investigate your suspicions cautiously and covertly by contacting ICU Investigations today.

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